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What We’re Seeing – 2019

As we talk with firms across the country, we are often asked, “What are you seeing out there?”   We thought our response to this question would be of interest to a broader group. So, in 2017, we began sharing our thoughts through periodic editions of “WHAT WE’RE SEEING”.   In 2018 – as well as […]

Compensation for New Leadership Hires

Compensation for New Leadership Hires A post-recession look at compensating design firm leaders: 2014-1018 to date   About this report… As the recession waned, we began to see warnings about upcoming labor shortages in the AEC industry. The predictions have proven correct: we are experiencing a significant delta between demand and supply… especially for seasoned […]

What We’re Seeing

For several years, the demand for experienced design talent across the U.S. has accelerated. A Building Design +Construction survey of AEC recruitment found that more than 81.5% of survey respondents experienced recruiting challenges in 2016. Of that total: With new administrations at the Federal and State levels throughout the country, 2017 will see an added […]

Why Leaders Leave

Few things in business are as costly and disruptive as departure of leadership talent, especially in an environment of constrained supply of qualified professionals. As an executive search practice working to find leaders for design firms throughout the United States and beyond, Breuer Consulting Group deals daily with the factors that influence talent acquisition. Occasionally, […]

Hiring Leaders Without Design Experience

My clients — architecture, landscape architecture, planning and design firms — often ask me whether they should seek leaders from outside the design community for senior, non-design positions. It’s a good question: infusion of new skills and experiences could enrich design firms’ perspective and business strategy. As Kathryn Sprankle, owner of Sprankle Leadership observes, design […]

What Good Consultants Know: 13 Basic Competencies Beyond Your Discipline

Many people offering services in the design community – regardless of discipline — may be excellent technical professionals but often fail to demonstrate two competencies simultaneously: Technical expertise: Proficiency in your discipline — architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, graphic design, planning, etc. — that transcends “adequate” is a given: you won’t be successful without it. […]

Why Marketing People Fail

In many firms, the marketing function is like a revolving door: a new director comes in; the coordinator resigns; the director stays for six months only to leave the AE industry. Two coordinators later, a new director is hired, doesn’t work well with the market sector leaders, and is asked to leave the firm. Pick […]