Mary Breuer



On a daily basis, Mary Breuer (pictured left) applies what she has learned from a multi-decade career in the world of design, construction and real estate where she sat on both sides of the table, as both owner and service provider. As she points out: “One of the virtues of having been around for awhile is that you get perspective.” Though she was educated in architecture and urban planning, she has developed on-the-job knowledge of a wider range of competencies. She insists in bringing an intelligent and business-like approach to executive search. Always interested in innovation, she seeks to continue to build her practice working with successful, thoughtful organizations that are not risk-averse and make decisions quickly. These interests have developed from her training at MIT (Masters in Urban Planning) and a career which includes management consulting (Ernst & Young), marketing and management (HOK), corporate real estate (The Seven-Up Company) and 20 years of running her own company.




Muse / Ballast
Low key and wise, in his 13 years with Breuer Consulting Group, Carney (pictured right) has been a big contributor to our success providing much-need sanity, not to mention a judicious lick from time to time. Our mascot and go-to sounding board, he keeps us all on an even keel. For this, our clients forgive the occasional background bark or two.